The Katie McBurnett Memorial Scholarship is designed to help those who have received an organ transplant attend a post-secondary school, whether it’s a community college, out-of-state university, or trade school. Katie attended Hanover College, and was unable to locate a scholarship to help her offset the costs of in-state tuition at a private university.


Applicants must:

  1. Be a recipient of an organ transplant.
  2. Provide personal goals for the next two years. (250-500 words)
  3. Explain what you have done or will do to promote organ donation awareness. (250-500 words)
  4. Provide two letters of recommendation (not from a family member).
  5. Provide a copy of an acceptance letter from a college, university, trade, or technical school (if you are an incoming freshman or returning adult).
  6. Use the scholarship money for continuing education during the 2016-2017 school year.

Application Submission

Applications must be completed online, and recommendation letters must be emailed to wit the subject line “[Applicant Name] Recommendation Letters”. Deadline for applications is April 15. If you need to mail your application for any reason, please email to make arrangements.

Rules and Regulations

One $500 scholarship will be awarded in the spring of 2016. Remember Katie Donate Life reserves the right to refuse to award the scholarship for any reason, whether it be a lack of applications, or no one meeting scholarship requirements. We will work with the winner to provide the money to the school of their choice for their tuition, books, or room and board. Money must be used in the 2016-2017 school year. Applicants must reside in Indiana, Kentucky or Ohio.

Apply for the Katie McBurnett Memorial Scholarship